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Visit Our Play Village – A Perfect Day Out for Children in Lincolnshire

Group Visits for Schools and Early Years Settings

Tailored for EYFS and Reception Classes

Welcome to our Play Village, an enchanting place designed to ignite children’s imaginations and support Early Years Foundation Stage  development. Ideal for group visits from schools and early years settings, our Play Village offers a variety of activities that encourage purposeful play and sensory exploration.

Come and Play in Our Imaginative Play Village

Each house in our Play Village is uniquely crafted to inspire and engage young minds. Children can immerse themselves in different roles and scenarios, fostering creativity, communication, and social skills.

Explore Our Wild Senses Trail

Aligned with EYFS development matters, our Wild Senses Trail is a unique outdoor experience that encourages children to explore their senses in our young wood. Here, children can:

  • See: Discover the vibrant colours and shapes of nature.
  • Hear: Listen to the sounds of the forest, from rustling leaves to chirping birds.
  • Smell: Enjoy the fresh scents of trees, plants, and the forest floor.
  • Touch: Feel the different textures of bark, leaves, and natural materials.
  • Taste: Delight in tasting hedgerow jam.

Why Choose Us for Your School Visit?

  • Educational Value: Our activities are designed in line with EYFS guidelines, supporting key areas of development.
  • Safe Environment: We prioritise the safety and well-being of all children, ensuring a secure environment.
  • Memorable Experience: Our Play Village and Wild Senses Trail provide a unique, memorable experience that children will talk about for days.

Book your school visit today and let your children experience the joy of learning through play in our magical Play Village.

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